15 Australian Social Media Agencies to Watch

Businesses of all kinds and all sizes need social media marketing to survive and thrive in today’s digital space. That’s why business owners need to work with social media agencies to create a social media marketing strategy that’s 100% aligned with business goals. 

Social media agencies will help you identify your ideal audience and engage them with valuable and carefully crafted content to provide measurable results. If you want to have a powerful social media marketing strategy that drives traffic and generates quality leads while building genuine connections with consumers, here are some of the best social media agencies to consider!

Find + Seek

Led by Charlotte Whelan, Emma Green and Tori Whelan, Find + Seek is a social media agency that helps clients build their brand using social media. This started as a passion project to help small businesses that didn’t have the resources, budget, or expertise to execute an effective social media marketing strategy. Fast-forward 5 years and that goal hasn’t changed, but their services have certainly evolved. 

Today, Find + Seek specialises in content marketing and creation to better leverage all social media platforms and provide outstanding outcomes. Their services include content strategy, graphics, photography, video, copy, and community management. The expert team also supports clients with website design and development, email marketing, and paid social.

Find + Seek’s collaborative approach combines forces across departments to deliver complete synergy in their outputs. Their main goal is helping businesses and agencies of all sizes thrive and they take genuine joy in that process. Perhaps one of the best things about this team is that they’re constantly learning and improving to offer the latest techniques and beat the algorithms. 

Find + Seek is known for its unique in-house model where they can function as internal social media managers for clients which has helped them obtain a 90% YoY retention rate. Clients who have adopted this model have ditched the agency approach and attend all meetings to interact with staff, meaning businesses save on the expense of an employee. Their expert services, dedicated support, and flexible offering allow them to provide great value for money. 

Bran Social Media 

Led by co-founders Daniel Black and Brianna Gianis, Bran Social Media is a social media agency that specialises in social media marketing and helping businesses thrive in the online space. Director Bree has a background in advertising and marketing, whilst Dan has extensive customer experience and outstanding B2B skills. Together, they help businesses be seen and stand out from the competition. 

Bran Social Media was founded at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in February 2020. Since then, they’ve grown tremendously because they’re known for providing high-level solutions that lead to great success. They’ve worked with many global industry leaders, including TCL Electronics, iCare Paper, F45 Australia, and many more. 

Bree and Dan, having grown their own individual social media communities, understand exactly what it takes to create amazing content, conduct viral influencer campaigns, and connect with audiences to generate genuine interest and engagement. They use these skills and over a decade of combined experience to offer powerful social media marketing services. 

The team behind Bran Social Media is young, passionate, and creative. They understand the online world and are always aware of what’s trending. This is how they can generate real engagement and help clients position their businesses as trusted industry leaders. They work with businesses of all sizes and provide expert Social Media Management, Organic Social Media Strategies, Influencer Campaigns, Content Creation, Photoshoots and Videography, Account Growth and Community Management, and valuable social media branding guidance, advance, and design. 

Reach Social Media

Founded by Julie Merrett, Reach Social Media is an expert social media agency with a focus on SEO. They specialise in providing clients with an integrated social media content package that will help them show up on all social media platforms and rank higher on Google. They offer personalised services and packages that suit different budgets so everyone can benefit from greater visibility and more engaging message delivery through SEO.

This team of experts is laser-focused on helping clients improve their online visibility and brand impact across all major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. Additionally, they help businesses improve their Google ranking so prospective clients can find them easily and increase leads, conversions, and sales.

Social media and SEO have evolved quite a bit since Reach Social Media entered the market 7 years ago. It has become a vital marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. Julie’s knowledge of social media and SEO has evolved at the same rate, so she can provide clients with powerful and effective services to improve their reach and help their businesses flourish.

Leveraging the latest SEO Pugin tools, Reach Social Media aims to align social media outlets and the world’s leading search engines to deliver ranking results where all media types will appear in tandem within search results. This top-down approach generates the strongest possible search results for clients, delivering a level of brand trust and ranking ability not generally seen in the online marketing environment.    

Valentina Borbone

Founded by CEO Valentina Borbone, Banter Group is a marketing agency that helps businesses use marketing tactics to achieve and exceed their goals. The team of marketing professionals has a no-nonsense approach, which allows them to be cost-effective while providing the best possible outcomes. 

Banter Group has a multi-disciplined approach to marketing, which means the team can work across any industry sector and channel. This allows them to cover all client bases from creative to copywriting, and design to social management. One of the key differentiators of this social media agency is that they put people first and they take good care of their team and their clients. 

They offer flexible work arrangements to keep the team motivated and attract the best talent in the industry so they can serve clients to the best of their ability. Banter Group cares deeply about client success and works closely with them to define their objectives and measures of success before every engagement.

Banter Group understands how time-consuming marketing can be. As such, they become a project-based partner, outsourced Chief Marketing Offer, or a personalized coach to help clients upskill their teams so they can manage marketing efforts more effectively. Whatever their client’s needs may be, they deliver results and knowledge so they can do things well and thrive in the online space. 


Pointdot is a phenomenal performance marketing agency, providing invaluable external resources to business owners of all sizes, affording them access to brilliant minds who become an extension of their brand. The Pointdot team provides strategic, creative and insightful services to their clients in a collaborative and client-centric manner. They are agile and take a unique, consultative approach to every business they work with.

Founded by Dimitri Galanis, Pointdot has established itself as a digital-marketing leader. It leverages a deep understanding of how varying strategies and channels work for each client to achieve optimal results. In today’s society, a digital presence is paramount for brands to stand out, showcase their value and reach a larger audience. With Pointdot’s guidance, the digital landscape offers limitless possibilities!

Pointdot offers a plethora of services, including SEO, PPC, Paid Social Marketing, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Display Advertising. They have dedicated team members in each role, providing clients with unparalleled support at all stages of their Pointdot journey. 

Dimitri and his team are masters of combining services to create sustainable business growth and development for their clients. The team is passionate and powerful. So much so that they have pledged to new clients since 2016 that if they do not see the results they were expecting within 90 days, they will work for free. Put your business on the front foot and get in touch with the Pointdot team today!

Joos Digital

Founded and led by Claire Dyson, Joos Digital is a digital marketing and social media agency that helps new and established businesses further their online presence. They provide made-to-measure services, which is what sets this agency apart from the competition. This team of experts is passionate about creative, purposeful work. 

They understand that telling real, authentic, and engaging stories is what helps brands resonate with the right people. At Joos Digital, they dive deep into the client’s story so they can craft a powerful message. This agency exists to help businesses think bigger, achieve more, and gain greater value. All this is only possible with a killer digital strategy, which is exactly what they provide.

Claire and her inspired team know digital and strategy inside and out, so they can provide valuable services, such as industry trends, data interpretation, and creating unique digital campaigns. Joos Digital specialises in high-level advertising campaigns and brand direction, something businesses of all sizes can benefit from. 

Joos Digital has worked with national and international businesses and assisted the launch of numerous brands. They’re making a huge impact on the industry and they enjoy helping fellow service providers grow and thrive. Overall, this is the perfect option for businesses that need a capable and expert team to handle digital marketing at every level. They achieve outstanding results through cohesive management, effectively taking a burden off business owners’ shoulders so they can focus on what they do best. 


Led by Jeremy Lewis & Greg Jooste, PHNX PTY LTD is a global branding, marketing, and digital agency with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Cape Town. This team of data-driven professionals offers creative solutions with an acute awareness of the big picture. They combine their disciplinary skills to provide a refined end product that helps clients connect with and engage their target audience. 

PHNX PTY LTD brings a distinctly human touch to the digital landscape. The handpicked team of talented creatives and marketing professionals is passionate about their craft and about providing value to businesses. Their process is based on deep visualisation and collaboration, meaning they enjoy working with closely with clients to execute their ideas with precision. 

This is a boutique agency, so they take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of their client’s goals and needs. PHNX PTY LTD believes in quality over quantity and the priority is always to achieve results that spark joy. They approach design with longevity in mind because they understand that truly impactful design is transcendent. 

The team of experts behind PHNX PTY LTD is constantly developing their awareness of the ever-changing digital space, which allows them to evolve their processes and perspectives to provide timeless and unique designs. Businesses can benefit greatly from this full-service marketing agency and its dedication to branding, marketing, and digital design and development. 

Digitale Social Media & Creative

Led by Natalie Koutsikas, Digitale Social Media & Creative is a social media agency that specialises in social media and content strategy. This team of inspired experts strives to understand clients’ audiences to create tailored strategies. Through purpose-driven digital content, they can increase engagement and help clients build a loyal community.  

Digital content is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about clever and powerful strategies. Digitale provides them and once they’re executed, they assess the data and analytics to make sure everything is working seamlessly. This process allows them to tweak and pivot to reach business goals. 

Digitale thrives in the ever-changing environment of the industry; they embrace the challenge and work closely with clients to push the boundaries so they can stand out from the competition. They work with businesses of all sizes and they help them grow online. 

At Digitale, they understand the power of data and analysis. It’s no surprise they leverage it to make productive and smart decisions to further clients’ businesses. They are experts at creating holistic marketing solutions where social media paves the way, which allows them to make a huge difference. Businesses that need an improved visual identity while leveraging data and strong strategy will benefit greatly from working with this agency. 


Led by award-winning marketer Leah Grinter, Brindle is an Australian boutique social media agency that specialises in amplifying brands to build a deeper connection with customers. They adopt an omnichannel approach to marketing and storytelling, combining traditional, digital, and social media marketing channels to deliver the most compelling results. 

Brindle knows exactly how to tell a brand story to the people who want to hear it most. The expert team of in-house marketing and media strategists, social and digital experts, copywriters, and graphic designers has decades of combined experience. As such, they can deliver intelligent and creative marketing solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at Brindle! They tailor marketing solutions to the clients’ needs with a customer-centric and results-driven approach. This is how they are able to help clients truly connect with their ideal customers and ensure optimal results.

Brindle understands that social media is an essential part of marketing, but the data shows that traditional marketing is still incredibly powerful. By combining them both with an omnichannel approach, the team is able to deliver impressive outcomes. Additionally, Brindle provides strategic thinking and out-of-the-box creativity, making it one of the most powerful social media marketing agencies on the market. 

Content Box 

Founded by Stacy Farrell, Content Box is a content and design media agency that specialises in two main things. White label graphic design for agencies, consultants, and PR companies, and strategic content marketing development for SME service-based businesses. Their services are available across Australia, New Zealand, and North America, and they are expanding into the UK, Europe, and South Africa. 

Content Box has a particular passion for serving aged and disability care and the NFP sectors. They are known for helping clients empower people through eye-catching designs, and accessible, valuable, informative content. Their white label design services allow agencies and the like to scale their design capabilities quickly and easily with affordable services they can rely on.

Stacy’s background is in education, specialising in language and communications, branching into educational business development and marketing. She has leveraged her knowledge and expertise to share accessible information so audiences can learn and be empowered to make more informed decisions. Content Box’s team of experts is able to educate not just with words, but also with engaging visuals that bring ‘content to life’.

At Content Box, they understand how powerful education and learning are. It brings people together, inspires change, and alleviates poverty, among other things. That’s why they create eye-catching designs that support the words on the page to convey more meaning. They seek to engage, educate, and inspire with reliable services and impressive designs. Content Box is responsive, affordable, and a valuable asset for clients and agencies alike.

Attention Experts

Led by Growth Director & Founder, George Hawwa, Attention Experts is Australia’s most 5-star rated Social Media agency. They’re leading the field of social media marketing, strategy, and consulting. They have worked on campaigns for the Tokyo Olympics on behalf of Channel 7, Accor Hotels, Pan Pacific, REA, and more, so they know exactly how to help clients boost their overall growth and ROI using effective and powerful social media strategies. 

Attention Experts work mostly with SMEs and they have become a trusted contact for thousands of businesses around the world. They’re known not only for their valuable social media and consultancy services but also for their informative workshops and talks. 

Attention Experts’ knowledgeable and highly experienced team has positioned this social media agency as the best in Australia. They’ve received more awards and 5-star reviews than any other social media agency in the country, and that’s no small feat. 

Every product and service Attention Experts provides is geared towards growth. This is what they guarantee to clients and they always achieve incredible outcomes. Their robust, effective, and strategic social media campaigns go above and beyond pretty photos, and they’re tailored to the needs and goals of each client. Businesses and organisations that are ready to reach new heights will benefit greatly from working with Attention Experts!

Ooze Studios

Ooze Studios is an inspired creative and social media company led by Jesse Mullins. This Melbourne-based agency services clients all over the world with a data-driven approach, personalized care, and pod structure. This allows them to deliver ROI-focused results and become an integral part of the client’s growth. 

Ooze Studios is on a mission to be the best digital agency to work with both from a client and a team perspective. They care for both factors so they attract and retain top talent and successful business leaders. The expert team behind the agency is made up of global talent and they thrive in an empowering, value-driven work culture that upholds excellence, guided by integrity. 

They offer many valuable experts, including lead generation and content marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram ads, Google text and shopping ads, email marketing, and omnichannel content marketing, among others. Ooze Studios approaches marketing campaigns as marketing scientists, which sets them apart from the competition. 

What they do is create a hypothesis, implement it, analyse it, and optimise it to maximise value for clients. It’s safe to say Ooze Studios knows its craft well and they have all the tools to deliver outstanding outcomes. They are hyper-focused on understanding clients’ audiences through effective marketing research techniques and use that knowledge to create tailored solutions.

Generation Social

Co-Founded by Olivia Edwards and Zachary Fletcher, Generation Social is a boutique social media agency that combines direct marketing, brand awareness, and customer retention to help e-commerce brands achieve longevity and maintain a monthly ROI. They have a holistic approach to marketing and they partner with select e-commerce brands to ensure high-quality work and strengthen client relationships. 

Olivia and Zac lead a young and vibrant Gold Coast-based team with a passion for all things creative, digital, and systemized. Clients are their main focus because they understand that engaging in a marketing service is a huge step. They maintain a high level of transparency and honesty with clients and have open conversations about their strengths and weaknesses to provide effective solutions. 

Generation Social only works with 5 to 8 clients at a time because they deal with clients directly and strive to deliver high-quality work. They want to maintain a boutique, close and personal experience and aim to become valuable partners to their clients. 

One of the things that set Generation Social apart is that they focus on services like paid ads, organic social media, and email marketing. They are not a full-service agency, but they’re experts at what they do and leverage all their knowledge to help clients boost their marketing efforts. They know what works for e-commerce brands and stick with it to provide outstanding results. 

Cheeki Media

Founded and led by Kate-Marie Burge, Cheeki Media is an outstanding social media agency that seeks to bridge the gap between brands and their infinite potential. The small but mighty team of experts has big ideas and understands how tricky it can be to make a digital impact in such an increasingly competitive market. 

As such, they’re focused on alleviating the stress of marketing for clients by providing bespoke strategy, social media management, content creation, and ad management services. They combine creativity and expertise to provide a personalized approach and support clients to help them sell, scale and dominate. 

Cheeki Media was created at the end of 2020 and it was born out of frustration with the current agency landscape. Kate-Marie Burge realised that there was a lack of affordable, high-quality options for small and medium-sized businesses, and she wanted to make a difference. That’s why Cheeki Media was designed to provide the level of service and care of large agencies but without a large price tag. 

With a boutique approach that separates them from the competition and a wealth of experience and knowledge, the team has generated $1.5 million of revenue for clients. They’ve worked with some of the biggest event promoters in Australia and abroad, including Festival X, Electric Gardens Festival, Amnesia Ibiza, Plat4orm, T1000 Events, Rodd Richards Presents, and more!


Led by co-founders Luke Stow, CEO, and Sally A. Illingworth, COO, LAMPS Media is an outstanding technology focussed agency focused on transforming conversations through ingenuity, innovation, and an integrated approach. Luke is an internationally accomplished Chief Information Officer who has a wealth of knowledge and insight regarding the dynamics associated with the common buyer persona of technology brands.

Sally is a globally recognized business and technology conversationalist on LinkedIn and co-author of “5G AI-Enabled Automation”, published on Wiley, one of the first published papers of its kind. Together with their team of experts, they specialise in delivering big ideas very quickly across communications, media, marketing, and advertising resulting in partnerships with some of the biggest tech brands in the world.

LAMPS Media has a unique methodology that combines discovery, design, deployment, and data to create platforms that facilitate long-term growth. The amazing team behind this agency combines over 40 years of experience in buying and selling technology across B2B industries. They understand how to create powerful strategies that can cut through the digital noise to help clients stand out.

With an impactful and tactical approach to campaign mobilization across social media channels and proactive management practices, they can provide meaningful outcomes while ensuring competitive agility. LAMPS Media is internationally known for its high-quality narrative and content development methodologies, which allows them to produce engaging, rich, and timeless content assets. 

Sketch Corp.

Sketch Corp. is a full-service marketing agency delivering high-performance branding, design, and digital marketing services for B2B businesses in the agriculture and professional services industries.

Over the past decade, the Sketch Corp. team has built a reputation for creating comprehensive marketing solutions that reflect an innate understanding of B2B business models and deliver tangible results. 

With key clientele including large-scale farming operations, agricultural commodity traders, livestock finance providers, and agriculture recruitment agencies, Sketch Corp. knows the agriculture industry from many angles and channels this expertise through every strategy, concept, and deliverable. 

The team’s uniquely agile, collaborative approach to each project ensures that everything they do is tailored to their clients’ immediate and long-term business goals. When you’re ready to move your business forward, trust Sketch Corp. to plan, create and execute the digital infrastructure that sets the wheels in motion. 

Clover Marketing

Founded by Mia Sisko, Clover Marketing is a marketing and social media agency that helps companies strategise and implement their creative visions. This is a growing agency that’s driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with brands to create tailor-made strategies to help clients produce unparalleled results. 

Mia and her team have a great love for content and design, but they also leverage the necessary data to enable clients to succeed in the digital world. 

Clover Marketing is designed to become an extension of clients’ businesses and provide all the support they need when it comes to digital marketing needs. They focus on helping businesses in the food service industry and they offer simple marketing packages to help clients boost brand recognition and awareness to generate more leads. 

The team behind Clover Marketing relies on a proven funnel methodology to obtain the results they’ve been looking for. Their services are carefully packaged, thus making it easier for clients to make a decision that will cover all their needs. All their package solutions drive results and have been proven to be effective. 

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