A Sampling of the Hottest Electronic Gadgets

Every season brings a new crop of electronic gadgets and widgets of all sorts. Some of the hottest new electronic gadgets this spring are not yet available in stores in the United States, but with the Internet, one can get a jump on learning about them and purchasing some of them. These gadgets cover a wide range of prices from very affordable to high end.

Ultimate Electronics for Geeks

Flash drives are almost indispensable and they are capable of holding more data all the time and the prices have dropped dramatically. Now, these little gadgets are becoming fashion accessories as well. They are now available in specific Pantone colors, Lego blocks, sports balls, and mimobots to name a few.

Another handy gadget for the portable computing set is a new hand-held slimline color scanner. With 400 dpi resolution and enough memory to store hundreds of pages of text, photos, and graphics, the DocuPen scanner is perfect for any office on the go.

And the techies at Apple are continuing to wow folks with electronic gadgets that are both stylish and functional. The i-Pod and its spin-offs are hot sellers because they are fun, compact, and hold a lot of music and other types of media files. The new MacBook Air has created a stir of excitement. It’s packed with power but is slim enough to fit in an envelope making it very portable.

Electronic Equipment: State-of-the-Art Cell Phones

Cell phones and PDAs continue to be hot gadgets with each company offering new and different bells and whistles or imitating others. The i-Phone looks hot and is spawning copycats everyday. The i-Phone is also being designed into a new model with a clear clamshell cover but we don’t know yet when it will be available to consumers.

For hands-free use of a cell phone, PDA, or media player there are a couple of cool new devices coming out. Jabra has an interesting looking bluetooth set. The BT3030 resembles a dog tag. It comes with bluetooth 2.0+EDR, HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP support, and six buttons for sending / ending calls and controlling music playback, as well as volume control. And Tonino Lamborghini has designed a lightweight Bluetooth headset that comes with the legendary bull logo. The Lamborghini Bello weighs less than 9 grams and offers 6 hours of talk time or 160 hours of standby time.

The Blackbery Pearl is now available for AT&T users. This pocket-sized gadget is more than a phone. It comes with a 2 megapixel camera that is video capable, a headphone jack , Quadband GSM/EDGE connectivity, WiFi support, Push-to-talk, GPS navigation, memory card slot, and bluetooth.

American Hifi with Internet Radio

Another way to stay connected is with Sagem’s new WiFi enabled Internet radio and clock. In addition to thousands of Internet-based radio stations, this unit also features an FM radio, digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions and even a remote control.

Solar Clocks – Electronic Equipment

Green-minded gadget geeks will like the Quantys solar-powered clock. It comes with a built-in smoke detector and the company claims it will run for a year on its battery.

Another new gadget is perfect for cyclists. Battery-free Pedalites are powered through cycling energy and provide 360-degree lighting, ensuring that cyclists can be seen from the side as well as the front and back. Another bonus is that the lights stay on for up to five minuets after pedaling has stopped.

Computer Game Stations

And there is always something for the couch potato, too. Amidst the slew of games including the Wii, X-Box, Playstations, and a variety of hand-held games that are all hot sellers.

While You Use the Hottest Electronic Gadgets – Don’t Forget the Lawn

For the person who’s too engaged with their new gadgets to go outside, there is also a remote control sprinkler. The Remote Rain Water Control allows you to water your lawn while you relax in your favorite deck chair with a key-fob remote.