Chatbot Analytics 101: Essential Metrics to Track

To get the most out of your chatbot, you need to dive into chatbot analytics. Implementing conversational AI can be a huge asset to your business. But to maximize your chatbot’s potential, you’ll need to measure its performance.

Of course,

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Writing for Social Media in 2022: Tips and Tools

Writing for social media is not an easy job. 

You work with strict character limits and tight turnarounds. You speak the language of memes and microtrends that your boss and coworkers might not understand. You have to quickly — and

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How To Get the Best Results From Each Platform

During the second quarter of 2022, 3.65 billion people were using at least one Meta product each month. That’s nearly half of the world’s population. Arguably, no other brand has a larger reach, which makes using Meta for business an

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How To Win at TikTok (According to TikTok)

TikTok is not a social media platform. It’s an entertainment platform.

That’s how Khartoon Weiss, TikTok’s Global Head of Agency & Accounts, described the world’s most downloaded app at The Gathering, an annual business and marketing summit held in Banff,

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The Perfect Social Media Style Guide for Your Brand in 2022

Every brand, publication, and website needs a good style guide. And every good social marketer needs a great social media style guide.

A style guide helps keep your brand consistent across all your channels. It will make sure that

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