How to Beat Writer’s Block on Twitter

How to Write Attractive Tweets and Overcome Writing Challenges

Twitter in many ways seems like the simplest tool possible for building an audience. This is a platform that has great ROI written right into its DNA. By its very definition, Twitter can’t require a bit investment of time. The posts are limited to being just a sentence or two long!

But herein also lies the problem. With so few words, you actually have to be quite creative if you’re going to keep coming up with interesting and useful content. Remember, your aim here is to provide value in some shape or form.

Some people take to this like a duck to water. Some people will post on Twitter regularly and always with something witty, interesting and new to say. But the rest of us can find ourselves with writer’s block when we’re trying to be witty. So how do you get around this?

Keep a Backlog

One tip is to keep a backlog of Twitter posts that you can dip into when your creative pool is running dry. Some days you’ll feel particularly inspired and be firing on all cylinders and those days you might find that you can fill an entire 2 pages with unique and fun Tweets.

So, do it! Then just post these regularly. You can even use something like Buffer in order to schedule those Tweets so that they go out at regular intervals.

Have a Personal Brand

A personal brand is a brand that is linked with your name. This means that you are a part of the brand, in that people associate you with the company.

Think of Tim Ferriss, Richard Branson, Tony Robins or Pat Flynn. Even someone like the Hodge twins.

This is powerful because it liberates you to start posting about your daily life and your day. Everything becomes interesting in this way and everything lets you share content with your followers. And if you don’t have a personal brand, consider sharing insights into the daily workings of your business.

Share Tips

Stuck for ideas? Then just share a useful tip.

If you’re in the right niche/industry then you should have tons of advice for your audience. So just share something useful in a couple of lines.

This is guaranteed value because it’s advice that they can act on. So it’s a great way to have a bottomless supply of useful and interesting Tweets!