Step by Step to Advertise on Facebook

How to advertise on Facebook?

Digital entrepreneurship and the growth of new types of consumers have made possible many ways to acquire income online. One of these ways is through Facebook Ads, an important platform for anyone who wants to work with advertising and affiliate programs.
However, unlike many people think, working with the internet requires planning and know-how. So, know more about Facebook Ads.

What are ads on Facebook?

Probably at some point in your browsing through Facebook, you’ve already seen ads on the screen. These ads are products of the Facebook Ads tool and great way to advertise and invest in marketing.

Facebook Ads makes it possible to advertise ads within the social network platform itself. In addition, Facebook provides several tools for building more effective campaigns.

Ads on Facebook can be targeted according to the user’s profile, personal preferences, location, gender, and more. Making it possible for the advertisement to meet the right target audience and potential customers, making it possible to purchase.

Initial Strategies for Using Facebook Ads.

For those who are starting this business, it is important to follow some basic strategies to enable increased sales of their products. Among them, the following stand out:

1. Medium / Low Ticket Products.

Because Facebook is a platform whose main focus is not sales, no one will turn to the social network to buy a specific product. Therefore, purchases made by Facebook occur instantly and impulsively.

For this to occur, it is recommended to offer low ticket products, so that the consumer decides to buy quickly.

2. Include link to sales pages.

An important way to make sales by Facebook Ads more effective is to include the link to the sales page in the ad. By clicking on the advertisement for more information, the consumer will automatically be sent to the sales page, encouraging it.

3. Segmentation of advertising.

An important factor when advertising on Facebook is ensuring that advertising reaches the target audience. Facebook ads offer tools that allow you to target the ad according to demographics, interests, and consumer behaviors.

4. Ad test.

As much as you already have a good campaign, it’s important to choose different different types and formats of low-budget ads and test their reach and functionality. According to the results obtained, it is possible to predict and efficiency of the investment and gradually increase it.

5. Pixel optimization.

One of the functions that the pixel has inside the Facebook Ads tool is to perfect your ad for conversions. For example, the pixel code will tell Facebook which people are most likely to access the site’s purchase page, forwarding the ad to those people.

6. Wait for results.

The advertiser should keep in mind that even if there is a possibility of same-day purchases, the ads take time to reach good reach, so you have to be patient and wait for the good results.

The possibility of same day sales

As already said, Facebook is a lot of high-reach platform. It is estimated that 95% of its users connect to the network every day. Within that number, half stays for more than half the day online. That means a lot of exposure time to ads.

So if you use the right strategies for targeting and optimizing your ads, you may have a good number of sales in addition to the ad’s publication. However, to make this reality feasible, it is necessary to invest in segmentation, increasing the number of sales per click.

How to choose products to advertise on Facebook

It is very common to find digital products for sale on Facebook, however it is not a rule. What are digital products? They are those who are not physically present, and whose goal is to convey some knowledge or solution to the client.

Examples of digital products include online courses, eBooks, webnarios, lectures, seminars, etc. To find good products for advertising on Facebook, whether digital or not, it is recommended to access platforms for affiliate programs and find a good product in the available catalogs.

Advertising concepts on Facebook Ads.

There are several very effective ways to advertise on Facebook. The form of advertising makes all the difference in the moment of reaching the consumer and the realization of the sale.

• Make a targeted ad: The more specific, the more interested people will access the ad. Decreasing the number of clicks by curious, and increasing the number of clicks by people really interested in the product.

• Indicate scarcity and be objective: In the case of selling services, such as online courses or lectures, phrases that indicate the shortage and need for immediate purchase have a lot of effect, for example “run, limited vacancies” and sentences of the type.

Be objective and go straight to the proposal of what your product offers, maximizing the possibilities of purchase by people really interested.

• Enter testimonials that simulate conversations. This type of ad format arouses the consumer’s curiosity to read completely, absorbing the entire message in the ad.

So if you want to invest in Facebook ads, know that by applying the right strategies and techniques, it becomes a powerful tool for marketing and advertising your business.

Knowing how to advertise on Facebook, for a digital marketing professional or companies interested in getting a good exposure in the most important social network of the moment, has been a constant concern.

Ads on Facebook or Facebook Ads, as they are also known, are a very high-conversion channel, when used with the proper Facebook Marketing techniques.