The Phenomenal Marketing Aspects Of Pinterest

Pinterest is growing at record speed as more individuals and businesses are paying attention to this unique, image-based social networking platform. Long believes that Pinterest, like Facebook, relies on people generating content that interests other users, so once a critical mass of people comment and re-pin, it reinforces others to generate content. The more content is generated, the more it makes sense for users to frequent the site.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to collect and file images they find on the internet into areas of interest or “boards”. Then others can see your boards, and re-pin images, thus starting the viral effect. When you see an image on any website, you simply “pin it” (pinning function automatically becomes available when the user creates an account). Pinterest can be either an extremely good time investment or a very wasteful one, so it’s important to know what it can offer your business and what using it well require.

How to use Pinterest for marketing-

Pinterest is a great new visual social platform that is increasingly becoming a powerful source of customers for online store owners. Since it’s primarily a visual experience, it’s a great place for your product photos to shine.

  • Run Contests-

You can easily create buzz and engage your customers on Pinterest by having contests. These contests can run the gamut from “Best Board” to who can earn the most “repins”. Photo competitions using your product or company logo, the possibilities really are endless, and Pinterest offers a new way for companies to create visually interesting interactions with their customer base.

  • Enhance Your Brand Image-

Pinterest is not just for businesses selling physical goods to showcase their product photos. In fact, if most of your pins are product shots, you’re not taking full advantage of this platform to expand your reach, enhance your brand image and create a culture/conversation around your brand.

  • Pin at the Right Time-

The best time to pin is when the majority of your followers are active on Pinterest, so they have a better chance of seeing your pins so they will repin.

  • Know your Viewers-

Know who you are targeting and identify what your target market likes and pin those topics. Once you figure out your target utilize topics to create traffic to your sites. For an effective Pinterest product marketing it is a fantastic idea to figure out the demographics of Pinterest.

The growing acceptability of Pinterest-

Comscore, the communications research company, says Pinterest’s unique users grew by 85 percent between mid-January and mid-February to 11.5 million users. Pinterest used to be an incredible source for finding new, cool sites that you’d never heard of.

It is now so strong that the platform is outperforming other social media marketing channels for click-through revenue. The online pinboard has experienced phenomenal growth over the last one year, mostly in the US. It hit the ten million monthly unique visitors faster that any other website.