Tired of the Same Old New Gadgets?

If your idea of an exciting new gadget is release of your existing phone’s operating system where you’re currently on release, then it’s time to get out of the rut!

What is a new gadget?

Most of us love gadgets. These were once called “boy’s toys” but that was sexist nonsense. Today, gadgets are popular with almost everyone irrespective of gender.

However, they’ve become so popular that some manufacturers and retailers have become a little complacent. For example, these are the outlets that run major headline announcements of the type saying, er, um, that they’ve now got “red cased ones” in stock instead of the usual blue cases.

OK, that’s a made-up example but you get the drift. If you find you’re yawning at new announcements more often that gasping in amazement, then something’s wrong.

What’s going on?

Well, there is probably one major cause – you’re looking in the wrong places for the really new and eye-catching gadgets.

Innovation isn’t always welcomed by retailers

You might think that a retailer would always welcome the latest gadget and widely publicise it but in fact that’s not always the case.

Sound unbelievable? Well, some retailers might:

  • have substantial stock in a central warehouse which they’re trying to run off before publicising new-to-market items;

  • perhaps operate under a restrictive distribution agreement with a single supplier for a given type of technology, something that may preclude them from bringing to your attention new stuff from other manufacturers;

  • have a marketing strategy that is based heavily upon protecting future income stream from regular updates and upgrades of existing products they’ve sold (it can be surprisingly expensive for a retailer to take on an entirely new product line with the training that’s involved and so on).

So, not all retailers operate on the basis that if it’s out there, they must offer it. That’s one of the reasons why you may be wondering just what’s happened to the really new exciting stuff.

If you want to see the latest gadgets directly out of the labs, you need to look for providers and outlets offering the best and coolest gadgets on a regular basis. They do exist.

Where change is happening

In terms of a general industry view, what’s really exciting at the moment?

Well, that’s a matter of opinion of course.

There are some great new smart watches around and after a slightly rocky start a few years back, with not a vast amount of public interest, they’re now gaining some momentum. It’s an area worth watching (no pun intended!).

In terms of smart phones/cells, it’s perhaps fair to say that what’s happening now is that the market is becoming more diverse with many new quality providers forcing more price competition. People are looking at the new “ruggedized” phones with more interest too – after recent problems over frailty with one or two of the major brand names!

Another booming area is that of video systems. Here the interest is more varied, ranging from personal video recording devices (seen as essential in proving what you’re saying is true when disputes arise) to endoscopes.

The endoscope thing is really of interest for people doing engineering types jobs on the car, electrical work and DIY repairs around the house etc. Sound odd?

Well, if you’ve ever had to knock big holes in a partition wall to try and see if the leaking pipe is there or elsewhere (it’s always elsewhere) then you’ll appreciate how valuable a lengthy endoscope attached to your laptop would be!

This is just a tiny sample of the buzz. The bottom line – there’s a lot happening in the world of cool gadgets. If you’re not seeing it then you’re looking in the wrong places!