Using Blogs for SEO

Why Start A Blog?

I knew about blogging and blogs for years before I actually
started my first blog… So this begs the question… “Why
did it take me over 4 years to start my 1st blog?”

Well, why would I want a blog? After all, blogs are just for
geeks, self opinionated left or right wing zealots pushing
some obscure political agenda, teenage school kids waffling
on about their zits and boyfriends or technical journals
full of terms and jargon only a rocket scientist could

And I never bothered with blogs or the development of the
“blogosphere” again.

Then something changed the way I viewed blogging about July
2004. I was introduced to using a blog as a tool for SEO –
Search Engine Optimization. In the crudest form it was
almost spamming, but done properly, it will get your website
pages spidered almost immediately and indexed in less than a

Blog and Ping

The crude method involved first setting up both a blogger
(.blogspot) blog and a free myYahoo page. You add the RSS or
Atom link from your blog to your myYahoo page, so that your
blog feeds into your myYahoo website.

You then write a page into your blog with links to webpages
that you want Google and Yahoo to find and index. After
posting your new blog entry, you then ping your myYahoo page
to tell it that there’s a new entry at your blog. Then you
go to Yahoo, open your myYahoo page, and the blog headline
should be there.

The assumption is that Yahoo would spider all feeds going
into it’s myYahoo pages and because Google owns
they would spider all new blog entries at …
and in fact this is indeed what happens. Start a blog, add
entry’s to it every day, and in less than a week it will be
spidered as soon almost as you post to it. But you must post